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Sky 2019.9.27

 "X" 2020

Night Drive 2020.9

Illusion 2019.10.7

Night Drive
X Jacket1
flower jacket
Fire Remix Jacket
Infection jacket
World Jacket
How to live jacket  REMIX
how to live 2
Fire / Uniaxia
Sea / Uniaxia
Illusion / Uniaxia
Sky / Uniaxia
別れのカタチ / 竹丸 feat.Uniaxia

別れのカタチ 2020.2.11

Fire remix


Flower 2020.7

How to live


How to live

feat.Kana 2020.4

World 2020.4

Fire 2019.10.17

Sea 2019.10.2

Infection 2020


Professional Gaming Team


Collaborating Now

​Demo Tape/デモ音源募集中






We're looking for  vocals

who can collaborate us

Open for requests for creating songs

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Kensei Tsurumaki

Vocal, Producer

Masanari Nakao​

Designer, Producer

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